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Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. Spiderman. Each of these characters is an American superhero, born out of such ideals and idiosyncrasies as magic, the supernatural, the marginalized, and the desire to rise above circumstance and not only ‘fit in,’ but become a role model of sorts. America has long been fascinated with the expression of super-individuality—as if we can all be larger than life. Our obsession with the “invincible self” manifests itself in the form of superheroes. This anthology is meant to illuminate—through poetry—the nuances of such a relationship with self and the “large” individual.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

One of Our Editors at National Popular Culture Conference!

Right now, one of our editors, Andrea Reid, is at the 2009 National Popular Culture & American Culture Associations Conference in New Orleans (see http://www.pcaaca.org/conference/national.php for details).

If you're into superheroes, poetry, or better yet, superhero poetry, try to snag a chance to talk with her about the anthology.

You can catch Andrea on a panel about Food in Popular Culture on Saturday, April 11, from 8:00-9:30 a.m.. Details follow:

Preservation Hall Studio 5 (2nd Floor)

4014 Food in Popular Culture V: Ethnicity, Authenticity, and Domesticity
Chair: Ann Ciasullo, Gonzaga University

"Mom, What‘s for Dinner?": Twenty Minutes to an Authentic Family Meal
Angela Rasmussen, Spokane Community College

The Secret Ingredient is Resentment: Marketing Domesticity to Post-Modern Women
Andrea Reid, Spokane Community College

A Fresh Translation of Italian: Americans, Italians, and the Promise of Acceptable Ethnicity through Family and Food
Ann Ciasullo

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